these are a small sample of my work:
Oakley o-review Bob Head Display
Alien display
Oakley Prototype - Sketches and Artwork
Oakley Bob Family with their helmets
O-Review Thread Listing for: Sketches and Artwork
Oakley sunglasses sketch
Oakley video
Oakley X Metal Juliet
my oakley Medusa
LOVE this - made by Oakley, it's a helmet/headgear with these leather tentacles (tied back here) with matching leather goggles. It's the Medusa
Oakley Medusa.
Oakley Bob Head w/ Medusa & Goggles
Oakley Addictions
Rare Bob
products for sale
Oakley Custom Mad Scientist Display X Metal Mars Moon Romeo Juliet Bob Head Like
Weekend OAKLEY Oakley BOB Head Keychain with Rarewith Bonus
Oakley Bob Head Rare Display For Eye Fair Stand sunglasses holder
Super rare Valuable goods
Oakley Bob Head Rare Display For Eye Fair Stand daemon sunglasses holder rare
Authentic sunglasses crystal frame new
Limited Bob
Eyewear Display Custom
X Metal Bob
Display Custom Collectors Bob
Sunglasses Collectors X Metal
Oakley Prototype Custom Made Display Stand Holder Eyewear Rack Bob
Oakley Prototype
Materials: resin and fiberglass
weight (peso): 419 g.
Length (longitud): 47 cm.
Width (ancho): 19.8 cm.
Height (altura): 14.5 cm